Coed Varsity Cross Country · Southern Cross Country 2019 Information

Southern Cross Country Fall 2019


Date: August 14, 2018 / Wednesday

Time:  8:15 AM to 10:00 AM – Please arrive by 7:55am 

Location: Stadium – Home Seating near Press Box


All players trying out must be registered on and upload their physical dated after June 1st by August 13, 2019 to be able to participate.

Required Equipment:

  • Running Shoes (Fleet Feet or Charm City Running in Annapolis)
  • Large Water Bottle
  • Watch
  • Optional but highly recommended XC Spikes

2019 Tryouts

The primary event of tryouts is a 2 mile timed run.  Runners should be able to pace themselves to complete the 2 miles WITHOUT walking.  This is not a timed run or a race to determine who is Varsity A, JV, or Varsity B (this will come later). This is a run to determine our starting point and our endurance.   

If an athlete does not complete the 2 miles without walking, they will be on probation for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks of proper training (August 28), these individuals will be re-evaluated. These runners MUST show improvement and demonstrate a positive work ethic. If improvement and a positive work ethic are not observed these individuals will be cut from the team.

Late comers may still join the team.  They will have to integrate with the team.  Ideally they should be able to run continuously for more than 20 min without walking. They will have two weeks to complete a 2 mile run.

Our first scrimmage (Aug 22) will determine Varsity A, JV, or Varsity B for the first meet/invitational (Sept 7th) .  

By our first meet (Seahawk Invite, Saturday Sept 7th), everyone should be able to run 3 miles without walking at race pace. Varsity A will be the fastest 7-8 runners.  Varsity B are those seniors who are not in the top 7-8 fastest runners for men or women. JV will be the remaining athletes.

Weekday practices will be 8-9:45/10am until August 22. After August 22, practices will be from 3:20-5:15. When school starts, practice will continue to be from 3:20-5/5:15. Students will have study hall from 2:20-3:05 in Coach Bergh’s room. We will have some Saturday morning practices to be announced when there are not meets.  

After each meet, the top 7-8 can change based on year to date best times.  That means, after every meet, there is a chance the top 7-8 can change.

We try to create a healthy tension between the individual runner and the team.  A healthy team encourages each other no matter what pace we run at. We encourage the faster runners to pull slower runners up to run with them, while striving to improve themselves.  Slower runners should be consistently training to bridge up to the faster runners. We like to see 2-3 runners or more working together to get faster and challenging each other. Positive self-talk and positive team talk.  

Players of all skill levels are welcome as long as they have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Any player no matter their rubric score may be dismissed from the team due to a negative attitude, lack of participation/effort or disrespect towards coaches or players.

Any player caught Juuling, Vaping, with any electronic smoking devices products or cartridges at a school or sports events will be removed from the team immediately along with school policy consequences. 

Email Coach Bergh with questions, and to be put on our email list for information.

Meet the Coaches Night:

Meet the Coaches Night is a mandatory event that will take place on Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at 6:30 PM in the auditorium.