Boys Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Boys Varsity Lacrosse · Tryout Information for Boys Lacrosse

  1. Equipment handout will be February 28th (Friday before practice)  Make sure you have all your paperwork handed in before the first day of practice; that means physical forms as well as your concussion paperwork uploaded on famliyid.  If your paperwork is not handed in you will not receive equipment. You must complete the FamilyID information.(all info must be filled out properly and forms scanned in so Mr. Bowen can read them)

       2. First day of practice is Saturday February 29th.  Come prepared for practice. Cleats, sneakers,                   sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Tryouts will be Saturday February 29th, Monday March 2nd and                    Tuesday March 3rd.  After 3/3 student athletes will be evaluated and a final roster will be                           created.  Student athletes that are academically ineligible must attend academic study hall with                  Mr. Meyers everyday after school.  If this means you miss a bus to a scrimmage, you miss the bus              and must attend study hall.

3. Varsity and JV boys lacrosse players will have a study hall period after school until practice begins.  Varsity practice will end at 630 on the field and JV will end at 530.  This is subject change based on weather and availability.  More info will be given as things change.

Things you will be evaluated on the first week of practice.

  1.  Stick skills 10pts
    1. Throwing and catching Right AND Left handed (on the run){5pts}
    2. Shooting Right AND Left handed {5pts}
  2. Hustle 10pts
    1. Speed and Agility{5pts}
    2. Attitude (positive/negative during drills and out of drills) {5pts}
  3. Defensive positioning  10pts
    1. Defensive play(knowledge of the game) {5pts}
    2. Player position when on and off ball {5pts}
  4. Offensive positioning  10pts
    1. offensive play (knowledge of the game) {5pts}
    2. dodging and cutting off ball {5pts}


“Any conduct deemed detrimental to the student athlete, team and/or overall good of the school system, anytime, on and off campus, can result in penalties ranging from verbal reprimand to removal from the team as determined by the head coach.”