Boys Varsity Basketball · Men’s Basketball 1000 Point Ceremony

Honorees (or representatives) for the 1000 point ceremony held on 1/31/20 at Southern High | photo by: Shanna Brown of Creative Concepts Photography

In sports, scoring isn’t all that it takes to be a competitor. But it is an integral part of the game; without it, there is no contest. High-level scoring takes great athletes demonstrating consistency, discipline and determination. We are fortunate to have had several of these types of athletes grace the harwood in Albright Gymnasium. They were celebrated this past Friday for reaching the impressive milestone of scoring 1000 points or more during their basketball career at Southern High School.

Spanning well over four decades, the honorees were:

1972 Charles Tyler (1090 points)
1973 Jim Dove (1299 points)
1974 Chuck Makell (1216 points)
1981 Kenny “Pee Wee” Smith (1233 points)
1984 Gary Mullen (1042 points)
1991 Vincent Barnett (1813 points)
1994 Chatney Howard (1586 points)
1999 Will Maynard (1278 points)
2001 James Jones (1115 points)
2003 Adrian Gross (1243 points)
2003 Justin Holland (1057 points)
2018 Curtis Holland III (1171 points)

(L to R) Curtis Holland III (’18), Will Maynard (’99), Chatney Howard (’94), James Jones (’01), Chuck Makell (’74) | photo by: Shanna Brown of Creative Concepts Photography

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” – Kobe Bryant

Congratulations to all of our honorees and a big ‘thank you’ to their families for showing support throughout their careers.

The only question is – will your name be next?!