Coed Varsity Cross Country · Southern XC 2020 Interest Form & Summer Training Guidelines

If you are interested in signing up for XC in the Fall, please fill out the google form below so we have the most up to date emails. Parents/Guardians  you will need to fill the form out more than once if you have more than one email you would like me to have. Runners please fill the form out separately from your parents so I have your emails as well. By filling the form out you are by no means committing to the team – the list serv will be used to keep you updated on summer training and the developing schedule.

2020 XC Interest Form Sign Up:


Two keys to your XC success are CONSISTENCY and PROGRESSION

  • CONSISTENCYMake running a part of your daily routine starting today.
  • Helpful suggestions:
    • Try to run at the same time every day and make your run a priority
    • Plan your meals, snacks and drinks around your run time
    • Find several safe routes for your daily runs to avoid getting stale or bored
    • Meet up and run with a teammate, family member, or friend
    • Check the weather and put out your workout clothes the night before
    • Google “daily running affirmations” and utilize the power of positive self-talk. Choose a saying or sayings that personally works for you
  • PROGRESSIONYou want to progress to running 6 days per week.
  • Helpful suggestions:
    • Progress in moderation; don’t try to do too much, too soon
    • If you’re not running or only running a couple days a week right now start increasing the number of days run per week until you are routinely running 6 days/week with a well-earned day off each week
    • You want to slowly increase how far your daily runs are over time
    • You want to increase your average weekly mileage over the course of the summer. As a general rule, do not increase weekly mileage by more than 10% of your previous week’s total
    • If you are not yet at the point of running lots of miles daily then substitute number of minutes run each day
    • Slowly increase the number of continuous minutes run each day. For example, week 1 you run 12’/14’/12’/14’/16’/16’/rest on Sunday. The next week run 12’/14’/14’/16’/14’/16’/rest on Sunday. The next week run 14’/16’/14’/16’/18’/18’/rest on Sunday, and so on
    • If you are truly starting from scratch incorporate short walk breaks, such as run 5’/1’ walk/run 5’/1’walk /run 5’/1’ walk/run 5’
    • Increase the run time segments as you get stronger over time while keeping the walk breaks at 1’

Other Considerations:

  • In our first email of the 2020 XC season the coaches stressed that runners need to begin training on their own over the next several months, before formal practices resume.
  • To become a “better” runner (whatever that means!?) you have to, well, RUN! There are no other shortcuts or magic formulas or silver bullets. You have to run and you have to run often well before fall practices begin. During these summer runs it does not matter how fast you are running; what matters is how much/how far you are running.
  • You have to adequately warm up for a few minutes before your daily runs. If you don’t know how then Google it! You will find plenty of warm-up routines for beginners to seasoned runners.
  • An adequate cool down is also a must. Again, Google it!!
  • Something that the coaches recommend unanimously is for everyone to start a RUNNING JOURNAL. It can be as simple or as detailed as you want to make it. For reasons unknown the simple act of writing down details of your daily runs will help with consistency. You will develop the need, even the desire, to want to run so you can log another day into the journal.
  • If you are logging mileage and /or time spent running you will be able to see how you are progressing and create run plans for the coming week(s).
  • Don’t forget that you can and should include other activities to augment your daily runs when you feel good, or as a substitute on a day when you just don’t feel it. Go for a long bike ride, go for a swim, go for a long walk with family or friends, or any other activity that gets you up and moving. And don’t forget to log that into your journal too!
  • If you put in the work now, accumulate the mileage necessary to build up your base fitness, the coaches guarantee that we will get you to the point where you will not only be able to complete a 3-mile XC run, but to race it!