Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · FOOTBALL: 7- 28- 2020 Updated Information

Summer: Week 9 (July 26- August 1)
AACPS BOE Announcement: Made Friday Afternoon, July 24th
“AACPS will facilitate as many safe and meaningful athletic and extracurricular participation opportunities for our students during the 2020-2021 school year as possible. We will focus squarely on that goal as we make plans for a flexible framework for all our sport seasons, in alignment with MPSSAA guidance. In order to allow families and staff the time and space to prioritize, prepare for, and engage with the new virtual learning platform that will be used during the fall semester, our athletic programs will not begin on August 12th (the current MPSSAA start date). However, we are actively working on a plan to engage student-athletes at some point during the first semester after school starts on September 8th. The plans we move forward with will meet all local and CDC health guidelines. Please continue to check our AACPS Athletics COVID website for further updates.”
“At this time, AACO athletics is putting together a plan for fall sports to start later. The start date and plan has not been finalized yet. I also do not know what fall sports will look like for us. Once I have that information I will get it out to you ASAP. I am very hopeful that this plan will allow our SA’s an opportunity to participate in the fall time slot or somewhere in the 2020 – 2021 school year. The only thing I can say now is that I am happy and thrilled that AACPS did not cancel fall sports like many other counties have done. Let’s all keep that hope that we will be on the playing fields very soon.” – Mr. Bowen (SHS Athletic Director)
Team Store:
The Online Team Store has closed. Thank you to all who supported the program by making a purchase through this. We had a lot of players, parents, staff members and community make purchases this year. This is more proof of the continued momentum the program is making in the right direction. If you missed the Online Team Store we will have a relaunch this fall once we know more about our start date of the season. Stay tuned and keep a lookout for this.
Physical/ Family ID:
AACPS has put a brief hold on Family ID until our season’s start date is figured out. It will be on hold until we receive further instructions from the AACPS BOE. Please stay tuned as we will make an announcement when it is back up and running. However, in the meantime, it is still highly encouraged that all student athletes get their physical and are prepared to load all of their information into Family ID when the time is right. Regardless of our season’s start date, all student athletes will still be required to have their physical done and information loaded into the Family ID in order to participate. *Remember, physicals are good for one year so it is a good idea to get this done regardless, especially for student athletes playing multiple sports.
7 vs. 7 Opportunities:
We continue explore options to join a 7 vs. 7 league through a separate identity from the MPSSAA. Currently, more opportunities and leagues for the fall have been discussed and we are taking this into serious consideration.
Thank you to those who have responded regarding your availability and interest for this. If and when we have more information on a potential league/ opportunity, we will release that information at the appropriate time.
Workouts/ Strength & Conditioning:
Workouts for this week, SUMMER: Week 9,  are attached below. Ideally, you will do each workout twice (Ex: Tues/ Fri and Wed/ Sat.) Cone agilities and additional weekend warrior workouts have been attached as well. Please Note: The weather continues to become increasingly hot. It is highly recommended that you do these workouts in the early morning or later evening hours. *Please remember that health and safety is our number one priority during workouts. All student athletes are encouraged to hydrate every 10 minutes and must have access to family/ friend to get help (dial 911,) in case of an emergency. Please watch this important video below regarding Heat Acclimation. The program is releasing our new 2020 updated logo and decal. Please check it out in the attachment below.
Finally, continue to hang in there. We are fortunate our season hasn’t been cancelled and will have an opportunity for Friday Night Lights at some point. As student athletes, we must remain patient, safe and optimistic for our season. As Football teaches, this too is a moment of adversity that we will overcome. We look forward to sharing more information as we receive it. – Friday Night Lights will turn on again. –