Girls Junior Varsity Softball · Girls Junior Varsity Softball falls to North County High School game 14 – 0

14 North County High School game
0 Southern High School
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North County High School game vs Southern High School
14 0
1 3   -
2 3   -
3 5   -
4 3   -
5 -   -
6 -   -
7 -   -
R -   -
H -   -
E -   -

It was a beautiful day to play softball or any outdoor sport. With players being ill or injured, we had just enough players to field a team. Makayla Lanham was the starting pitcher and doing a great job on the mound, when Lana Carpenter (playing catcher) was injured in the first inning. With some ice and rest, she will recover and be ready for the next game. Olivia Dickinson came in at the top of the 2nd to finish the game, while Makayla played catcher. Both players did a fantastic job. I just want to mention that North County players really hit the ball hard and strategically on the field achieving many base hits. With only eight players, we were at a slight disadvantage on defense. We have not practiced field positioning with only eight players. I feel the players adjusted well and showed determination by going for every hit ball regardless of where the ball was hit or landed. In addition, North County showed great sportsmanship knowing we were at a deficit by only taking one base at a time. “Thank you for being sporting players and coaches.” This allowed Southern to be successful in handling situational plays on defense and not getting overwhelmed and panicky on the field. As for the offensive side of the game, we really struggled. When we did make contact with the ball, North County made the plays to get us out. Southern ladies, you played hard and learned what we need to work on to be more successful on both offense and defense. Keep striving to be the best you can be.